Getting to Gers

The Gers is a rural department, and like many destinations of this type, it does not have a large public transport network. To get to the Gers, you can use the train stations in Toulouse and the towns of the Gers. To get around in the Gers, there are various possibilities, depending on your time and your travelling companions.

Why not take a boat on the Baïse River? 

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acces by public transport, by plane, by train, by BUS

  • There is an airport in Pau Pyrénées.
  • Tarbes also has an airport which could be useful.

To get to the Gers by train, choose a route which comes into one of the train station of the region and the TER Midi-Pyrénées (fr).

From large cities such as Paris, Lyon, Marseille, Nice, Lille, Nantes... you can get to Toulouse and then make a connection to Toulouse-Auch, which takes approximately 1h. If coming from the international, connections are available to the large French cities; check the relevant railway network websites.

From Auch, a bus service serves the town (there is also a free shuttle, check with the tourist offices), as well as a few other routes. Buses leave regularlyfrom Tarbes, Agen, Montauban, Toulouse... Check the réseau de Keolis (fr).

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GETTING to the GERS, by car, by bike

However, the simplest means of transport to get to the towns and villages of the Gers is by car. The major roads around the Gers are the motorways A20, A62, A64, A65. The national roads 124 and 121 cross the department as well as a whole network of local roads. The roads are in good state, without traffic and with many places available to stop along the way. The villages are mostly well spread out, except maybe in the South of the department, where the communes are more isolated.

Peaceful, pleasant, beautiful roads are waiting for you  

With regards to electric cars, recharging points are being set up in the Gers. It is easy to get around and use the public recharging points, mostly located in  villages with more than 2,000 inhabitants.  Check the “Charge Map” here (fr).

Like everywhere in France, carpooling (with service areas pretty much everywhere), car sharing and car rental exist, check dedicated internet websites.  However, it is not the most reliable means of transportation, due to the low population density in the Gers. 


You can travel round the Gers by bike, along the green routes (fr) which already exist.  The small roads of this departement are safe and not too busy. If you arrive by car and you do not have a bike, you can easily rent a bike on site and you can also add a trailer to transport your belongings or your youngest child. It is a very pleasant way to travel in this department. If the physical effort daunts you then just ask for an electric bike!

The roads in Gers are pleasant to travel by bike

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Some of you may be pilgrims walking the Via Tolosana or Via Podiensis when crossing the Gers. If so, you will arrive in the departement on foot and cross it without a problem on the GR65 path. There are many routes around the villages, and appropriate maps can be found in town halls and tourist offices. Check our selection of relevant books here

The Gers is a departement which provides equestrian tourism. Equestrian centres and pony clubs are in abundance. You can go horse riding for the day, or for a number of days, depending on your capability. Routes, especially reserved for horse riding are being developed and the quiet countryside is perfect for this type of relaxing transport. For example, the Route Européenne de d'Artagnan (The d’Artagnan European Road) is the first European equestrian route which is being developed at the moment.

The ideal department for hiking

By horse, following in the steps of the musketeers